Thursday, August 25, 2011

PHX-800 Stun Gun Review

Ok, we have been getting alot of questions regarding this particular Self Defense Weapon lately. I have been getting at least 2 to 3 calls a day, as well as, 23 emails this week alone, all with questions on this new low price Stun Device.

We started carrying it in our inventory about a month ago and have tested and reviewed the effectiveness of this new Stun Gun.


The PHX-800 came out onto the market at a lower than average pricepoint than most comparable Stun Guns go. Most devices that fall into the same retail price range (which is anywhere from $19.99 to $29.99) do not typically have a rechargeable feature built into the device.

The PHX-800 comes in 2 basic colorways - Black and Pink. It has a built in retractable wall socket recharger, and a bright LED flashlight. It is plastic molded for a good, non-slip grip and only weighs 4.4 ounces. It also comes with a free black nylon belt holster, is mini sized, and conceals easily - It is only 4 1/4" tall, 2 1/8" wide and 1" thick.

It can be used as a deterrent to a crime, just by test firing the PHX-800 into the air can be enough to stop an attacker or an aggressive activity. As the bright electric current pulsates between the 2 prongs it creates an intimidating electrical sight and sound. Any attacker with any sense at all should stop in his tracks right then; and so, if the sight and sound doesn't stop him, a jolt from this powerful little device certainly will!

This stun gun does not rely on pain for it's primary results. (Although, it does hurt quite a bit!) The energy that is stored in the PHX-800 is dumped right into the attacker’s muscles causing them to do a great deal of work rapidly. This rapid work cycle instantly depletes the attacker’s blood sugar by converting it to lactic acid. In short, the attacker is unable to produce energy for their muscles, and his body is unable to function properly. Also, should the attacker be touching you while you are stunning them, the current will not pass to your body!

As far as the actual voltage of the PHX-800, we do not have a reliable way to test this. The manufacturer boasts a whopping 6.8 million volts! However, the thing that really matters the most when testing a Stun Gun is the amount of AMPS it is actually putting out, not the voltage. Although, the higher the voltage, the faster it does push the AMPS.

So, we did a test to see what AMPERAGE was really produced by this Stun Gun. The PHX-800 that we tested put out a total of .0035 AMPS. That was enough AMPS for just a quick 3 second contact with this little device to make a 180 pound grown man collapse to his knees! (Just like I did!)

The one drawback that we found is the out of the box defective ratio for this stun gun was about 1 in 10. Which means, for every 10 that we bought 1 did not work. Defects from manufacturing are a typical and normal aspect with all electronic devices, but this ratio is a bit high in our experience.

We went through our entire order and tested every single unit. This is something that we always do for our customers when we ship our orders out anyway.

Overall, after testing out this new Stun Device, we determined that for the reasonable price, the PHX-800 is an Excellent Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapon.


  1. Really, this is really a strange Gun review.

  2. ayudaaaaaaaaaaa mi phx 800 no sirve bien. Para empezar el led rojo no enciende, y el interuptor estaba caido, desde que la compre aci estaba., yo creia que esra normal. Y aora que a pasado un lapso de 4 meses cuando la enciendo la descarga no es normal lla que el rallo en lugar de ser blanco es como morado no se que hacer aydaaaaaa

  3. how long does it take to fully recharge in how do you know when it is fully charged?

  4. how long does it take to fully recharge in how do you know when it is fully charged?